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CFengine explained

23 August 2005 21:50


CFEngine in three easy parts:

Drifted a bit aimlessly in the second part, mostly because I hadn't actually intended to write more than once piece, but altogether I'm happy with the collection of articles.

Although it is becoming increasingly obvious I'm in no way a technical writer ..


After almost killing myself and another laptop by tripping over a stray Cat 5 cable I've spent an hour this morning making my house tidier.

Rather than having cables laid around the edges of rooms and corridors they are now all tucked away under carpets, or pinned along walls.

You might imagine this is the obvious way to do it in the first place, and you'd probably be right!

But in my defense my house has only two carpetted rooms. The rest are a combination of polished wooden floorboards, and faux wooden panelling. Difficult to move, and impossible to lay cables underneath.

In fact I have only two carpetted rooms - both are bedrooms.

Although I know rugs are available I refuse to live in a house where I get out of bed and place my feet immediately on cold wood. I like a few seconds, or more if possible, of comfort before putting my feet on the hard floors in the morning!

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