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Do you have monkeys in Scotland?

13 March 2008 21:50

I've uploaded a new make package to fix the memory corruption bug which I recently tracked down, with kind permission from the maintainer.

I've also been working on a Debian Planet filtering/exclusion system. I've put together a (working) online demo, and I think I could probably inject it via greasemonkey without too many problems. (I'm a little reluctant to install that addon, because I suspect the security implications are severe).

Still it was a nice hack, and actually reminds me that I like javascript these days. The demo will probably disappear in a week or two, but otherwise works as expected - just a couple of GUI issues to solve.

(As with the Debian Planet search this isn't tied to our install, and could work on any PlanetPlanet installation.)

Maybe it isn't the friendliest of ideas, but I think it is a good one regardless.

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icon James at 05:28 on 14 March 2008
Planet SuSE has something similar http://jamesthevicar.com/index.cgi/2008/03/01#1204372344announce_block_feeds_in_planet_suse and Planet GNOME has a more manual method http://live.gnome.org/PlanetGnome