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Edinburgh Meetup

29 December 2005 21:50


Today I went to meet Paul van Tilbur for coffee hot chocolate and exchange key fingerprints.

A nice chat on a nice evening. I was pretty sleepy since I'd been forced to get up and leave the house at 10AM this morning to donate blood samples to the local vampires doctors.

Getting home afterwards was a bit challenging as there was a fire river - really a torchlit procession + fireworks.

Several of the streets on my route home were closed to traffic, so the busses weren't running. I walked part way home, stopping of en route to buy some DVDs.

Once I did manage to get a bus going in the right direction I stupidly creatively managed to get on the wrong one. It immediately changed direction and left me going away from my house!

I guess I was more tired than I'd realised. Anyway I got off the bus, and now I'm going to watch part of one of my new films before having an early night.

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