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GNUMP3d + apt

28 October 2005 21:50

Security Updates

A new version of GNUMP3d is out. This is primarily a security update.

Install it now if you use it publically.

(Local mirror in case you're running from source and the gnump3d.org site hasn't updated yet)

Apt Updates

I've updated my personal APT repository. This now uses reprepro to create/update/manage it.

The reprepro tool is utterly wonderful. (Although I used the backported Sarge version, rather than the older one). Expect an article on the Debian Administration website shortly.

Now I have an "incoming" directory I can upload new package builds to, and have them magically migrate into the relevent section.

The other significant change is that now I can host packages with Arch: All, as well as i386. This is useful as I distribute several perl scripts/libraries which were previously unavailable to non-x86 users.

Talking of which I still have to finish my review of The Debian System written by Martin Kraft - I've been sitting on that for too long. (Summary: Great Book, buy it if you can't get one donated to review ;) ).

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