Goodbye, world.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Today I resigned from the Debian project. The following packages are up for adoption:

I'll remove myself from Planet Debian tomorrow, assuming the keyring revokation isn't swift and merciless.

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[author] Steve Kemp

Submitted at 17:00:49 on 29 april 2011

Since a couple of people asked "Goodbye world" is meant in a "Goodbye planet/world" way - not in a suicidal way.

A combination of little things, and a desire to spend my time elsewhere has lead to this decision.

There is no single specific event, failure, vendetta, feud, or action that has led to this (apparently abrupt) decision.

[gravitar] Anonymous

Submitted at 17:15:12 on 29 april 2011

If you don't mind the question: why?

In any case, sorry to see you go.

[gravitar] John

Submitted at 18:41:06 on 29 april 2011

Sad news indeed. Will you stay on at

[gravitar] Marcus

Submitted at 19:00:43 on 29 april 2011

Well that sucks, always enjoyed your blog posts.

[author] Steve Kemp

Submitted at 19:04:31 on 29 april 2011

As for the "why?" a number of minor irritations, coupled with a desire to do new/interesting things. There is nothing more specific that I wish to share :)

The website will continue to exist, and I might even have more time & patience to update it in the future.

Marcus; if you wish to keep reading you should subscribe to the feed...

[gravitar] Alastair

Submitted at 19:15:34 on 29 april 2011


Sorry you're quitting the Debian project stuff you're a part of. Your sites and software, and Debian encouragement, have been very helpful to me. Good luck with whatever your plans are.



[gravitar] Karolina

Submitted at 20:20:43 on 29 april 2011


I would like to thank you for your support and to say that Debian is loosing one good man. Good luck with your life outside Debian, and maybe you will be back some day.


[gravitar] David Banks

Submitted at 21:21:45 on 29 april 2011

Good luck Steve!
Thanks for your fine work.

[gravitar] Fernando C. Estrada

Submitted at 21:58:14 on 29 april 2011

Thank you very much for all your hard work in Debian, personally I'm sad with this news because you're a sysadmin who I admire deeply.

You only leave Debian or other Debian related things too? (like your job in Bytemark).

I wish you all the best in your new things ;-)

P.S. Is a great loss to the Debian Project!

[gravitar] Petteri

Submitted at 07:45:34 on 30 april 2011

Sad to see you go. Hopefully debian project will see you back sometime. Good luck with the future!

[gravitar] Kevin Mark

Submitted at 10:54:08 on 30 april 2011

Damn! I always have found your blog really interesting and diverse and enjoyed it. Especially when you had movie-theme titles. And your involvement with Debian. One more person I'll never get to see at a future debconf (assuming I can raise the funds). It sounds like your feedback on what brought you to this state is worthy of fixing (If I can dare to mind-read) -- maybe something private for only leader@. A sad day.
best of luck for your endeavors!

[gravitar] Charles Darke

Submitted at 16:36:00 on 30 april 2011

Sorry to hear you're leaving. Just wanted to wish you good luck on your new projects and say thanks for all your contributions!

[gravitar] Allen

Submitted at 13:24:46 on 1 may 2011

No don't! Never mind - you don't know who I am so I'm hardly going to change your mind. Sorry to hear this anyway. I hope you come back again some day.

[gravitar] Steven Rosenberg

Submitted at 23:20:10 on 2 may 2011

I hope you will continue to offer and improve Chronicle.

[gravitar] Bruno BEAUFILS

Submitted at 01:57:26 on 3 may 2011

Very sad you leave Debian. I have enjoyed your work on this project as well as your blog, tools and of course the fact that you are a sysadmin.

Hope you will have fun in your after-Debian life...

Do you think it is a definitive decision, or will you maybe come back ?

[author] Steve Kemp

Submitted at 08:58:12 on 3 may 2011

Chronicle will still be developed, and looks like it has a new maintainer.

.. and thanks to everybody who was supportive, or appreciative of any of the small things I might have done.

[gravitar] Cùran

Submitted at 09:10:09 on 3 may 2011

As discussed elsewhere: I take over the maintenance of Chronicle in Debian (just FYI).

[gravitar] Chess Griffin

Submitted at 03:01:07 on 9 may 2011

(I'm late to the party)

Steve, thank you for your contributions to Debian and elsewhere (like Chronicle and Good luck with your future endeavors!


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