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6 January 2006 21:50


Well today will be the end of my first (four-day) week at work.

Sadly I'm now going to be sent home. Without going into too many details after being signed off work ill for the past seven months the companies insurers will not accept me back at work unless I get a letter from my doctor certifying my fitness.

So officially I was never here this week, and I will not be returning until I've seen a doctor and procured the relevent piece of paper. Hopefully no more than a week.


Too often I've seen people looking for HOWTOs on different subjects, and complaining when none exist. (Most recently upon the xen-users mailing list).

I used to be quite calm about this, but now the more I see it the more irritated I get. Where is the willingness to experiment yourself gone? Too many users seem to want to just consume HOWTOs and not try things for themselves.

Hell if no documentation exists they could create it! That would be perfect.

More Users

In a similar vein to David Welton's plea to users to use mailing lists for posting questions, and relating to the point above.

It might be nice if people who follow a HOWTO would actually comment - even if it is just to say "Works as described. Excellent guide - will read again A+++". (Can you tell I've been buying toys from Ebay recently? ;) )

A similar feeling always comes over me when I make a new release of software via Freshmeat.net. There is a little "voting" system where you can rate your impression of all the projects. The problem is nobody votes! Ever!

Actually that isn't true, but it might as well be. Take a look at a project with 100+ people monitoring it for new releases, I practically promise there will be fewer than ten votes on the software - which makes it hard for people to search for projects based upon rating.

Ahhh well.

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