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Hijack + Picture + Promotion

15 March 2005 21:50


I have a new hackergotchi courtesy of gnrfan.


In other news I hijacked ngrep which I feel a little bad about.


After a bit of free money came my way I bought some Google Adwords to promote my site. So far there have been a lot of impressions but few clicks - I may have to tweak my keywords, or wordings.

It's certainly an interesting experiment, perhaps the next thing to do is advertise myself for doing remote admin jobs? I'd be interested in how most consultants get recommended? I know that I've got happy customers, but in diverse locations so it doesnt seem to do me much good in the word-of-mouth advertising.

I guess the obvious thing to do is send them all a mail and ask if they'll contribute an "endorsement" on my site .. still I feel that's being a little pushy, and nine times of ten when I read an endorsement on a random web page I assume it's faked anyway.

Guess I'm too cynical!

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