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I am the Earl of Preston

6 September 2009 21:50

Paul Wise recently reported that the Planet Debian search index hadn't updated since the 7th of June. The search function is something I added to the setup, and although I don't use it very often when I do find it enormously useful.

Anyway normal service should now be restored, but the search index will be missing the content of anything posted for the two months the indexer wasn't running.

Recently I tried to use this search functionality to find a post that I knew I'd written upon my blog a year or so ago, which I'd spectacularly failed to find via grep and my tag list.

Ultimately this lead to my adding a search interface to my own blog entries using the namazu2 package. If I get some free time tomorrow I'll write a brief guide to setting this up for the Debian Administration website - something that has been a little neglected recently.

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icon pabs at 04:38 on 6 September 2009

In case the service moves servers again, it might be prudent to ask DSA to somehow monitor the search function to make sure it is saving new posts.

icon tek at 11:03 on 6 September 2009

Interestingly... I am from Preston and a long time Debian user :-)

icon Steve Kemp at 11:18 on 6 September 2009

In an ideal world whenever any server, or service, would be moved it would be sufficiently well documented that things wouldn't get neglected.

Still in the future I'll know to pay attention if planet.debian.org gets moved to a new host.

I think I spent a weekend in Preston once, but my memory is hazy...