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I can taste more than feel

26 July 2006 21:50

I'm resisting the temptation to tell people to use real words when they make posts to mailing lists like this:

If u get full debian disk(2 DVDs), u can install them(binary &; source)


U can choose fast mirrors to ur computer, &; here is the list.

I appreciate that English is not the first language for everybody, but reading things like that just makes me want to slap people.

In other news I'm enjoying work a lot this week. Compared to last week having multiple distractions this week I've been left alone/undisturbed enough to create code and design things is a lot of fun. I couldn't do it non-stop, which is why I sysadmin instead of work as a developer, but I do enjoy coding.

On a related note today somebody mailed me a patch to get my lua networking extension to build upon MingW which was a pleasant suprise.

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