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I'd like to make a new record

19 February 2006 21:50

I've been working on more Xen code. This time a nicely designed monitoring system/control panel for a single Dom0 host.

This is constructed of a tiny network server, which allows clients to connect remotely and list available instances, running instances, and do jobs such as reboot/pause/unpause/shutdown a running Xen guest system.

So far I'm happy with the way it is working out, but before I can release it I need a name. Naming software sucks.

I wanted to call it Argus (after the many-eyed watchman), but that is already in use for some other monitoring software.

I then thought of calling it Daddy - since it is in charge of lots of babies! But I figure that's a bit of an overloaded term and might not work so well.

I guess I'll wait a while and search for inspiration. There are probably a lot of many-eyed Gods / people in stories I can use.

Right now I need to document the text-based protocol I've got the server using, then tidy up the two clients I've written. (One is a PHP based toy, and the other is designed to be more robust - Perl + Graphics).

The idea of splitting the monitor backend into a socket-based system is that you can connect to it from either your desktop, a CGI application, or anything that can do sockets. Sexy.

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