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I don't want to think too much about what I should or shouldn't do

2 June 2006 21:50

I have a new desktop machine. An AMD3000 with 1Gb of memory. It is almost entirely setup. Only three Xen-related woes:

  • If I run "shutdown" under a Xen kernel "wakeonlan" fails to wake the machine up. I guess ACPI related?
  • If I run a Xen kernel I can't use the NVidia kernel module. So xine won't play DVDs comfortably (#367326)
  • If I run a Xen kernel Qemu's serial port pass-through fails.

Also gnome-desktop-environment is uninstallable on Sid at the moment. Just when I'd switched all my machines to using it :(

So now I have:

  • desktop.my.flat - Main development + desktop machine. To be turned off every night.
  • itchy.my.flat - Previous desktop machine P4 + 1Gb ram. Runs DHCP + dnsmasq + xen instances + rsnapshot to backup both desktop, and my remote sites.
  • lappy.my.flat - Generic Dell laptop.
  • steve.my.flat - Generic Widescreen Dell laptop - supplied by work.

The two Dell Dimension L800s I used for backup purposes are retired. This is good, they had 128Mb of memory each and were always at 90-100% disk capacity. One to go to my sister in York, the other to the first person who claims it in Edinburgh.

Now to find another LCD display …. I have a 19" and a 15".

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