I finally made something worthwhile.

Monday, 26 December 2016

So for once I made something useful.


Oiva Adam Kemp.

Happy Christmas, if you believe in that kind of thing.



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[gravitar] Paul Mellors

Submitted at 09:22:20 on 26 december 2016

Congratulations All :) xx

[gravitar] filip

Submitted at 09:25:17 on 26 december 2016


[gravitar] Erik

Submitted at 15:55:51 on 26 december 2016

Wonderful! Congratulations!

[gravitar] Hubert Banas

Submitted at 16:10:25 on 26 december 2016


[gravitar] Carlos Ruiz

Submitted at 19:22:21 on 26 december 2016

Congrats!! Enjoy 😁

[gravitar] rjc

Submitted at 19:45:51 on 27 december 2016

Congratulations Steve and Kirsi!

Great year-ender! :^)

[gravitar] atw

Submitted at 14:37:40 on 29 december 2016


[gravitar] Roland Häder

Submitted at 16:49:34 on 29 december 2016

Congratulations! My daughter was born 6 months ago (see link from a very early picture of her).


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