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I just came to make you happy

27 June 2006 21:50

I just saw a reminder about the Edinburgh debconf visit. As somebody who volunteered to help be involved I'm a little blindsided by this sudden announcement.

Then I realised my mistake. When I got the mail from Moray I subscribed to debconf6-localteam which appears to be a dead list. So I'm not sure what the status of anything is.

So tomorrow I will join the recent lists and poke around.

Since I'm local I'm happy to meetup for keysigning purposes to anybody visiting, although since I've not been involved in the bid at all its probably best I don't suddenly appear and confuse things. If we "win" then I'll do better.

Now I'm going to bed. I've spent six hours on trains today, and that involved 90 minutes of standing, so I'm a little worn out.

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