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I'll be so alone without you

12 August 2006 21:50

My migration to the new Xen host is 75% complete. DNS changes appear to have finished and I've moved all the websites that I intended to move successfully. (Including databases & etc.)

I've got three domains to move still, but I'm being very careful with them since they tie into "local" things like CVS repositories, or mailing lists + archive creation.

The website migrations appear to have been a success, although I only noticed a couple of problems just now. In all cases my problems were:

  • Symbolic links not being copied over to the new host correctly, leading to breakage. (e.g. This fine blog had a broken feed link because a symlink got trashed.)
  • Missing packages/configuration on the new host. eg. CGI::Application module not being installed.

I've tested all the areas I can think of testing now. (e.g. "find /home/www -name '*.cg' -print"; then executing each one in turn!)

The next job will be the mail setup. My plan:

  • Install new mailserver.
    • Configure virtual hosts.
    • Setup mailing list software (ha!)
    • Setup mail list archive creation.
    • Converting the "original" mailserver to treat the "new" as the mail relay - as per suggestion from Martin Krafft
  • Flip mx record(s) over.
  • Setup forwarding from old host to new host for a couple of days.
  • Sounds simple enough. What could possibly go wrong? (Sadly I know all too well virtually everything could go wrong.)

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