I'm now deploying IPv6

Friday, 7 January 2011

I've now gotten around to deploying IPv6 for my personal site(s) and machines. So potentially people visiting this blog are using IPv6 right now!

The Debian Administration website has been IPv6-connected and aware for a year or two now, although over 98% of users continue to connect via by IPv4.

Handling IPv6 & KVM wasn't too difficult at least, although I've done the simplest possible thing I could do, route a /64 to each guest and don't worry too much about it.

(The host machine has a /64 allocation of its own, and we've been granted an /48 allocation so we're not liable to run out. Ever.)

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[gravitar] Jason White

Submitted at 00:46:01 on 9 january 2011

Congratulations on joining the IPv6 world.
Debian's mailing list server has been using IPv6 for quite a while also.

[author] Steve Kemp

Submitted at 10:48:46 on 9 january 2011

I've noticed that more and more parts of Debian are - e.g. security.debian.org, but I'm probably going to stick to HTTP, HTTPS, and SSH for the moment.

I'm sure that SMTP would be just fine, but I think being cautious won't hurt.

[gravitar] Wayne

Submitted at 11:40:03 on 10 january 2011


I think detailing the setup more, as your using multiple subnets would make a great blog post and would help many people.

The routing and fire-walling steps will be good info.


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