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I should bite my tongue.

29 September 2012 21:50

Too often requests of the form "I'm looking for an open source solution to ..." mean "I'm looking to spend zero money, contribute nothing, and probably not even read your excellent documentation".



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icon jonathan at 00:52 on 30 September 2012

"I should bite my tongue"


In those situations I feel that it's completely appropriate to tell them "no thanks" and move on to clients who are actually willing to do business.

icon shirish at 06:44 on 2 October 2012

Dear Steve,
While I have gone something similar, it does not hurt to point out a resource/link. Sooner or later people do need support and feature-development. There would be people who just don't know and just might want to know of softwares to take for a test-ride (or the equivalent of that). I do see a genuine need at times to figure out an equivalent need of softwares in FOSS which might not be mainstream and I have yet to find some good quality site for doing that.

I have to yet a combination of google,debtags,aptitude search and wnpp.debian.net to figure out the software I am looking for and sometimes that also doesn't work and this is when I'm okish with Debian and FOSS.