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I think I'll take this back

24 July 2008 21:50

KVM Utility

Gunnar Wolf made an interesting post about KVM today which is timely.

He points to a simple shell script for managing running instances of KVM which was a big improvement on mine - and so is worth a look if you're doing that stuff yourself.

Once I find time I will document my reasons for changing from Xen to KVM, but barring a few irritations I'm liking it a lot.

Chronicle Theme Update

I made a new release of the chronicle blog compiler yesterday, mostly to update one of the themes.

That was for purely selfish reasons as I've taken the time to update the antispam protection site I'm maintaining. There have been some nice changes to make it scale more and now it is time for me to make it look prettier.

(A common theme - I'm very bad at doing website design.)

So now the site blog matches the real site.

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