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It's time we all reach out 4 something new

23 December 2006 21:50

Well I have a new computer which is running Debian Etch.

The process was painful though. For a start I stupidly forgot to check that the motherboard had on-board graphics (hint: no) and so I didn't order a graphics card.

Sadly the motherboard also doesn't have an AGP slot, so I couldn't migrate a working card from elsewhere. Instead I had to go out and buy a PCI-express card from a local store.

Once that was done I figured installing Etch would be simple. Not so.

Update:: Tale of woe snipped. Apparently to netboot into the Etch installer I need to add:


The "nosmp" worries me since it is a dual-core processor .. but once I've played around and upgraded the kernel I'll see if removing that causes problems.

Update #2: 64-bit host running Xen and X.org. Took me an hour to work out that the sound being "quiet" no matter how much I raised the volume control was due to me plugging in the speaker cable to the wrong socket and not the traditional alsa weirdness I was used to!

Strangly even with USB enabled I cannot mount my external USB drive - so that is NFS shared for the moment.

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