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18 January 2005 21:50


I managed to break my kettle a while ago, so I've been shopping for a new one.

In my life I've had the following kettles:

  1. Family Kettle used when I lived at home age "born" - 18.
  2. Kettle my mom gave me when I moved to Edinburgh, to attend University 1994-1995
  3. A different kettle in each of the 10+ flats I lived in for the next 8 years, after realising that kettle number two I never used
  4. A kettle from an Ex given to me in 2001 when I bought my first flat, kept until this year.

I reckon that's around 13 kettles I've had in my life. Almost everybody in the UK has a kettle.

(I know from my American babe that over there people just have kettles on the stove, and kettles are a rarity).

So .. the population of the UK is around 60 million people (in 2003) and every home has around one kettle - they must be mass produced? They must be common? People must replace them infrequently?

This I'd imagine means they're dead cheap to buy.

Sadly not, which frankly I dont understand.

I kinda resent having to spend 20 pounds on a kettle. Sure it's gonna last. Sure I'm gonna use it every day. But twenty pounds??

This is today's shallow "hardware" rant.


I got paid in advance for setting up awstats on a domain.

I'm currently waiting for it to import 3Gb of historical Apache logfiles and it's taking its sweet time, over three hours so far.

Still it's nice to get paid for stuff, and I'm certainly sticking to my current plan of "Cash in advance, always" for all existing "customers".

(I learnt that lesson before after waiting a few months to be paid, but now I'm certain that this is the right thing to do).

This time round I'm getting paid in DVDs again, mostly copies of "Yes Minister", and "Yes Prime Minister", classic British political comedy - and unlike anything around today.

I also managed to snag a copy of Red Dwarf Series V - featuring my single favourite episode Back To Reality and containing my single favourite Red Dwarf one-liner of all time, from Rimmer:

I'm going to beat you to within an inch of your life, and then I'm going to <i>have</i> you

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