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Let me take you on a journey

25 August 2006 21:50

Amused to see a mail from Radu asking me if I were the Steve Kemp mentioned in relation to osCommerce - I'm not.

I know that names aren't unique because I've noticed collisions in the past, but this is the first time that I've seen it in relation to myself and software.

I remember a few months back an utterly surreal situtation where I checked into The Tower Hotel in London, and after being in my room for a short while a guy tried to open the door. I opened it said "Hi, this is my room". (My response might have been a little less polite. I was tired..)

He replied my "My name is Steve Kemp, and this is my room."

Turns out that the hotel had the two of us there that night and managed to believe that the two of us were the same person - so we'd both been given keys to the same room.

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