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May you live forever.

20 October 2008 21:50

This will be my last post on the topic of tscreen for at least a couple of days. People who want to follow tscreen work know where to get it.

Anyway this release exposes the notion of layouts - they allow you to save and restore window positions. i.e. If you split your window, detach and then reattach it will be back in the layout you had before!

Simply add "layout new default" to your ~/.tscreenrc file, and have fun.

The layout primitive allows:

  • layout [attach|autosave|next|new|number|prev|remove|save|select|show|title]"

Experimentation is fun, people!

I've added a couple of patches from other people which I found on the screen-devel mailing list:

Anyway sources and Debian packages for Etch, Lenny, & Sid are available in both i386 and AMD64 flavours.

Update: Fixed links to patches, and added if primitive.

ObFilm: 300.

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