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maybe of a brain hemorrhage, I haven’t decided yet.

9 August 2006 21:50

The past two days have been fairly busy and now I just want to avoid all computery things for the next week or so. This will almost certainly fail to happen, but I have a low-tech weekend planned which will involve shopping for outdoor gear and loitering outdoors drinking ale.

Briefly I've:

  • Spent a while documenting the software setup and RAID/hardware setup of the xen-hosting environment.
  • Released a new version of debian-updates. (Freshmeat project hasn't updated yet, I'm sure it will shortly.)
  • Designed a specification and stub implementation of a mailing list manager
    • With no setuid/setgid components
    • A plugin facility to peform semi-arbitary operations on messages in transit.
  • Investigated a million and one host-monitoring solutions:
    • Which will produce pretty graphs
    • But which will not require agents, or any software, installed on the monitored system.
  • Investigated and installed a million wiki solutions:
    • Looking for one which is pretty and secure.
    • Looking for one which allows me to hook in my own authentication code to test against a remote RPC server.
  • Found some excellent new music to listen to. (Band I like but hard to find second-hand - and I refuse to buy new CDs these days…)

Still todo:

  • Finish writing a sexy online Ajax-filled todo list.
  • Plan the migration of a lot of web + mail + dns setups from my current host to a new Xen environment.

I'm almost tempted to use one of those fancy "control panels" for managing a bunch of domains when I move over to the Xen instance. However many of them appear fragile, and contain numerous obvious XSS attacks - these do not fill me with confidence.

Perhaps I will investigate more hosting setups soon. At the very least I wish to move towards an SQL-backed virtual hosting setup for email. Ideally exim4, but I'd settle for postfix at a push.

So .. lots of research happening, and more to follow.

Expect quiet from me for a while.

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