Mousetrap + Xen.

Tuesday, 13 December 2005


I updated the script I wrote to create new Xen instances of Sarge.

It is still pretty nasty but it can now create a new Sarge installation with networking, OpenSSH, users and groups all in the space of a few minutes:

./ --hostname=vm01 \
  --ip= \

Unfortunately it doesnt live in a CVS module of its own, rather one I dedicated to hosting resources associated with articles on the website. Maybe time to revisit that?


Whilst in a quiet mood, waiting for my tea to cook, I decided to amuse myself by playing mousetrap – something I’ve not touched for a month or two.

In a fit of enthusiasm I imported mousetrap into CVS – comments/feedback welcome. [Simplistic arcade game, uses SDL, Debian Sarge package available.]

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