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10 May 2005 21:50

Another Site Update

Another big upgrade to the code behind my site, now allowing all users to customise the display a little. More tweaks coming shortly.

I'll not comment on that any more, cos it's repetitive and advertising ;)


Discovered that I'm due back at work on the 23rd. Still given that I'm not actually being treated and haven't had a diagnosis yet I think it's pretty unlikely I'll actually be back then.

I'm due to see the doctor again shortly, so I'm going to see what he can do. Hopefully move the study forward from the current estimate of December - because the way I am now there's no way I'm going to go back to work.


Still I have been offered a couple of contracty / one-off jobs which I might accept in the interim. I need to find out more details and pay first.


After a few miscommunications another Mozilla Firefox crash bug has been reported.

I'm unsure how I manage to consistently reproduce this both on Linux + Windows 2000 - but the other commentors can only reproduce it on Linux.

Still a remote crash, and a fun thing to investiate.


I uploaded an update to GNUMP3d to the testing-proposed-updates queue, after asking for permission.

Of the two changes one was accepted (to be honest the other had slipped my mind), so all being well this will be available shortly - and no more users will complain of broken /info links.

I should probably make a new upstream release soon, it's been fixed in CVS for a while. hard to be enthusiastic about the project any more. It works. It works well. Nothing left to add, nothing left to take away.

Maybe just another sign of my current apathy. Seems like I have nothing interesting to work on during the few hours I'm actually awake.

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