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Thursday, 31 January 2008

If you try using some of my software, or any software come to think of it, and it doesn't work, or causes you problems then there is a simple solution.

Tell me. I might not be able to fix it immediately, I might not ever be able to fix it. But chances are I can, and if there is a record it'll help others out in the future regardless.

I've bumped into this in the past "Oh yes I tried to use that tool you wrote but it didn't work, so I ended up with something else."



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[gravitar] Anonymous

Submitted at 01:08:38 on 1 february 2008

I assume the "or any software" doesn't correlate with the "Tell me", in that you probably don't want to hear about people's trouble with random software. :)
[author] Steve

Submitted at 16:44:34 on 1 february 2008


Having said that I'll attempt to fix other peoples bugs for money ;)


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