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Orange is young

13 June 2006 21:50

Today I shall mostly be working on initrd images.

We've got some software which will take a linux-kernel-vx.x.x..deb file and with one command turn that into a bootable initrd.img file complete with busybox-compiled tools, modules, and an init script.

This is used for network booting with PXE.

Pretty neat when it works. But the init script is a bash script which contains lots of code like:

mount -n proc /proc -t proc || abort "Failed to mount proc" 

This all needs converting to:

  • Run the command.
  • If it fails and the error looks transient repeat say five times.
  • If that fails drop into /bin/sh

This would be easy with perl/ruby/something else. But to keep the size and hackability of the image down its gotta be done in sh.

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