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Rats are we you can't break free

2 August 2006 21:50

I started doing some bug triaging yesterday night after going over bugs in some packages I'm interested in.

(I have a small list of packages which I can't use, or need to be fixed in some way, before I can start using them and every now and again I check on progress. eg. I want the nvidia-kernel-source module to work with Xen.)

Since I was tired I only did a few things, but I'm going to do some more today; merging duplicates and closing older ones, simple stuff.

None of the packages are ones that I can NMU (OK I guess I could, and fix a couple of minor bugs, but they won't be improved enough to make it worthwhile - if that makes sense?)

Talking of NMUs .. anybody is welcome to upload "my" packages if there is a need, and feel free to poke around at my bug list. I can sometimes be slow with them.

I've been semi-seriously considering the idea of dropping all my packages, and working exclusively on security stuff instead..

I haven't made a decision yet but I'll mention it here in case I do ..

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