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Recording gym-visits on Linux.

27 January 2015 21:50

I go to the gym every couple of days. I lift things up, then put them down, and sometimes I repeat this process another 30 times. When I'm done I write down what I've done, how many times I did the lifty-droppy thing, and so on.

I want to see pretty graphs. I want to have records of different things. I guess I just need some simple text-boxes:

   deadlift  3 x 7 @ 210lbs.

etc. Sometimes I use machines so I'd say instead:

  converging seated-row  3 x 8 @ 150lbs

Anyway that's it. I want a simple GUI, a bit like a spreadsheet where I can easily add rows of each session. (A session might have 10-15 exercises in it, so not many.) I imagine some kind of SQLite database for the back-end. Or CSV. Either works.

Writing GUI software is hard. I guess I should look at GtK or Qt over the next few days and see if it is going to be easier to do it online via a jQuery + CGI system instead. To be honest I expect doing it "online" is liable to be more popular, but I think a desktop toy-application is just as useful.



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icon Steve Kemp at 20:34 on 27 January 2015

Not yet, but that's probably the easy part.

The hard part is working out a sane data-entry UI, and the kind of storage to use.

Though I guess it's not a terribly complex problem I think the graphing itself shouldn't be so hard.

icon Martin at 20:42 on 27 January 2015

I use runalyze ( www.runalyze.de ) for tracking cycling and swimming. But I also miss a tool for tracking pushups etc., I hope you'll publish your software if you can create a solution. :)

icon P at 12:38 on 28 January 2015

Did you checked out Fitnotes (free, runs on android, has graphs).

icon Steve Kemp at 12:40 on 28 January 2015

These days I run an old-school Nokia phone, because I value the ability to carry a phone around for 7-10 days between charges.

icon Jason Riedy at 15:15 on 28 January 2015

For a nifty web interface idea, check out the proprietary but friendly http://weightxreps.net ... The free-ish-form plain text supported by JS input is really handy.

icon Chris at 20:31 on 27 January 2015

Have you considered gnuplot? It's the old standby for graphing data on Unix / Linux and can do all kinds of things. Alternately, maybe take a look at graphviz, a similar chestnut.