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Reducing, or redirecting at least, charitable donations.

30 December 2014 21:50

This is the time of year when there are lots of adverts shown on TV solicating donations for charities, which frequently end with the two words "thank you".

I've always felt there were too many charities in the world, and that it was hard to half-heartedly give money to one charity this month, one the next, and still another next year. On that basis I decided long ago to give my money solely to three charities. If I had money that was spare, or I felt generous that month, I would give it to one of "my" charities. Any other appeals I just ignored (with minor exceptions for one-off events like tsunamis, etc).

I won't claim credit for this idea, it came directly from my mom who does the same thing. I've given money to the same three charities for twenty years now. Maybe not thousands, but hopefully enough to be useful. Certainly more than I'd have given if my donation were split between more recipients.

Now I'm changing. As of next year only one charitable organization will get my pennies. The other two haven't done anything bad, wrong, or failed/succeeded (sadly), but it feels better for me to stick to a single recipient.

Happy Christmas.

(Details shouldn't matter, but to answer the obvious question the charity I've kept is the RNLI.)



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icon Anonymous at 21:34 on 30 December 2014

I think the more interesting question is "which two did you cut?".

icon Steve Kemp at 02:46 on 31 December 2014

I'm a little reluctant to be specific lest my change be construed as some way as criticizing them in particular.

But to narrow it down a little one charity provided help to people who are blind, and the other was a quite-specific cancer-related charity.