Same old me again today

Saturday, 12 August 2006

If you can see this I’ve not screwed up DNS too badly.

Tomorrow I have to move SMTP. Joy.

On the plus side moving SMTP should be trivial since all DNS hosts I manage use the same STMP server and there is just a single alias I should be able to just setup the mailserver, update that record, then use rinetd, or similar, to proxy connections from the old IP to the new one until the DNS switch propogates.

Complications include hosting mailing lists, and having mailing list archives be written to a new machine…

Bed now.

Beer first.

PS for those people that like to argue with Joerg Schilling please stop. It is beyond obvious now that arguing semantics is getting nobody anywhere, for the Nth time.

I’ve come to the conclusion that when arguing discussing things with Joerg he will either wilfully ignore your point(s) or deliberately misintepret the evidence to support his stance. The chance of persuading him to change his mind? 0%. Give it up already. Think of the DVD-media children!!

It really is time to either drop the cdrecord or fork it.

Please. Somebody. Do it.

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