So that forum?

Monday, 2 September 2013

So that forum I mentioned? I've setup a test-installation at:

What does this forum offer? A cross between hacker news and reddit. If the admin of the forums enables it you can create arbitrary tags, and then view them. For example:


It's also very fast, and reasonably easy to customize. Which is good, because the current layout is nasty.

Things I like:

  • Everything is stored in Redis.
  • The code is made of simple primitives which are joined together in a web-application. Which means most of the logic is outside the core.
  • The templates are pretty basic, which means a real designer can do good things.

Not much more to say really; except I've setup a test install and if you wish to login/register and post spam feel free.



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[gravitar] Nux

Submitted at 15:26:44 on 2 september 2013

Hm, interesting forum. :)
The "powered by" link is broken, there is no

[author] Steve Kemp

Submitted at 15:40:46 on 2 september 2013

The link should be fixed now - just points to a github repository. I need to add installation instructions, but otherwise it is good enough for the moment.

[gravitar] thekreek

Submitted at 22:42:44 on 2 september 2013

Any plans to support other DBMS (mysql, postgresql) besides redis?

Nice layout, love the simplistic theme.

[author] Steve Kemp

Submitted at 07:56:40 on 3 september 2013

Not immediately, but if there were interest I guess I could.

There's a wrapper class which is used to proxy all redis-commands (so we can add a unique prefix on all keys, allowing multiple forums to run against the same redis server) which is called RedisProxy.

The RedisProxy class could be rewritten to write to MySQL, etc. We only have two types of data:

  • A redis set - ie "SELECT * FROM TABLE".
  • A key/val - ie. "SELECT value WHERE key=XX FROM STORE"


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