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Some thing

11 July 2006 21:50

Over the past two days I've started two community things:

  • The Debian Administration website now allows users to submit adverts which will be intermixed with the Google Adsense ones.
  • I'm looking at renting a dedicated host to share out as a semi-co-op with about six people.

The adverts are basically modelled after Kuro5hin.org's community adverts - the difference is these are free. (Should remain free, but no promises.)

The idea of sharing out a Xen host with a few people means I'd get some seperation and wouldn't overload my existing host which is getting a little strained with the Debian-Admin site, mostly because of my own lazy coding, and popularity.

Still work in progress. I've priced a couple of companies for the hardware and support and figure that it can be run just above cost with 6x (£10 a month). Still waiting for a few people to get back to me about whether they'll commit to a years worth of cash up front..

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