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Sometimes the important things are those you don't do

16 June 2012 21:50

Usually in life we focus upon the things we do, and not the things we don't do, or avoid.

I don't have many "rules" for the way I behave, the things I do, but there are some.

  • I refuse, point-blank, to purchase any food which includes the phrase "low fat" upon the label.
  • I eat, fry, and cook with real butter.
    • I refuse to use any of the alternatives. Especially the low-fat alternatives.
  • I have yet to view a film in 3D.
    • I suspect this is something I'm semi-seriously avoiding, but I've not yet explicitly decided to skip them.
  • I refuse to watch any film which is "supernateral".
  • I refuse to buy anything from a pound-land, pound-stretcher, or similarly low-end store which is labeled either "deluxe" or "luxury".
    • I made this mistake when I was a young student.

I could go on, but the "rules" are surprisingly hard to remember, having been in place for many years, they're just part of the way that I do (or do not do) things!

Finally: As of this year I've now lived in Edinburgh for over half my life.

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Comments on this entry

icon mirabilos at 11:41 on 16 June 2012

Amen to the butter, although it's not always good for frying
at very hot temperatures I usually mix some oil with some
butter for that. With generic low-fat products, though, I
couldn't agree more; I've always wondered what they do put
in as replacement. Especially with low-fat butter heh /me
shudders and considers himself lucky for not even trying it.
(Besides, some fats actually are healthy. Still, could lose
some kilos, but that's not how it's done I guess.)

As for 3D, I don't think you're missing much, but can't say
much either, as many kinds of 3D stuff are making me ill
even from just watching. (Playing Doom for 10 minutes, too.

It's interesting how people that share some interest(s) also
oftentimes are similar in other things.

icon Tshepang Lekhonkhobe at 21:43 on 16 June 2012

So, what's up with no supernatural movies? Have you found that they are generally bad?

BTW I also haven't seen a 3D movie, and don't really have a desire for them. The format may well turn out to be a dominant form of entertainment in a few years, but I think I'll wait until then. Good movies are engaging anyways, regardless of the presentation format.

icon Steve Kemp at 21:51 on 16 June 2012

I don't mind scary films, horror films, or action films. But I've never seen a "supernatural" film that I've enjoyed.

There are exceptions, but I can rationalize them away as comedies, or similar!

I guess the specific genre that I object to are things that are presented as both "Supernatural" and "Based on a true story". They just rub me the wrong way.

icon Erik Johansson at 22:19 on 16 June 2012

I'm no expert in cooking, but start using oil for frying, rapeseed/canola is neutral in taste. You will start to notice that the buttery taste doesn't fit with everything.

I think that when frying stuff slow at low temperatures then butter is usually what's ment to be used. I think most other cases oils is better or equal.

icon Steve Kemp at 22:21 on 16 June 2012

Indeed I don't fry everything with butter, but some things are good for it - e.g. browning onions, garlic, mushrooms, etc.

icon Jochen Spieker at 02:29 on 17 June 2012

I would be interested in comments about living in Edinburgh. I have been there twice as a tourist (second time only two or three weeks away) and I think it's one of the most beautiful cities on Europe. But then I only went where tourists usually go.

You only need to work on your electric installations and thermal insulation. :) That looks a bit scary from a German point of view. But that is true for most of the rest of the world as well.

icon Steve Kemp at 12:30 on 17 June 2012

I'm not sure I have too much to say about Edinburgh - it is the second favourite city I've ever spent time in. (Barcelona is my favourite city, but it was too damn hot for a redheaded-freckly-guy like myself).

There is a lot of history, and associated old buildings which look lovely. There are a lot of modern things. There are a million and one pubs and nightclubs. The student population is huge and the place is swamped with tourists for the duration of the Edinburgh Festival.

I guess the wikitravel page on Edinburgh is pretty accurate. But you'll also find random entries on Wikipedia that give a surprising amount of depth (e.g. Henderson Street, in Leith)

I live in Leith which sometimes has a rough reputation, but is generally lovely, providing you're willing to overlook the prostitutes you wander past on your way to the local pub.

I'll stop now, I fear I'm rambling.