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SSP + Packages

22 June 2005 21:50


Looks like I've got a few comaintainers now, with Faidon Liambotis doing some great work on dsniff and other people hopefully about to make uploads any time now.


Thomas Sj?gren reminded me that my SSP repository is empty, I started work on building new GCC packages a few days ago, but paused when the patches failed to apply cleanly.

I'll try to get gcc-3.4 uploaded shortly. Once I work out why things fail. I'm open to persuasion over whether gcc-3.3 might be a better choice…

I have one Sparc and one x86 machine running Sid to do developer uploads etc, upon. The only Sarge machines I have are a remote host and an old laptop - so building is timeconsuming to say the least!

(Using UML/Qemu would be even slower. Although I guess I could use a sarge chroot…)

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