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Step inside, suprise!

14 August 2006 21:50

As another reason why I dislike mailing list software consider the following error:

2006-08-14 21:40:25 1GCk6m-0006ZH-Vu == |/usr/lib/ecartis/ecartis -s <a href="http://lists.cvsrepository.org/">xen-tools-commits</a> 
R=vdom_aliases T=address_pipe defer (0): 
Child process of address_pipe transport returned 75 (could mean temporary error)
from command: /usr/lib/ecartis/ecartis

What does that mean? I see precisely one hit for this error in Polish.

I resorted to debugging via strace:

strace -ff -o /tmp/foo /var/lib/ecartis/ecartis -s xen-tools-commits
   < /tmp/msg.txt

The error? "Connection refused" when connecting to


It should invoke the local mailer via /usr/{lib sbin}/sendmail in the case of socket error. Ideally chosing the local execution in preference to the socket.

In conclusion: I believe my mailing lists are fixed, however several messages have been dropped/ignored.

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