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Tuesday, 14 April 2015

There's pretty much no way that I can describe the act of cutting a live, 240V mains-voltage, wire in half with a pair of scissors which doesn't make me look like an idiot.

Yet yesterday evening that is exactly what I did.

There were mitigating circumstances, but trying to explain them would make little sense unless you could see the scene.

In conclusion: I'm alive, although I almost wasn't.

My scissors? They have a hole in them.



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[gravitar] Hubert

Submitted at 15:37:06 on 14 april 2015

I'm glad you're OK.

[gravitar] Elessar

Submitted at 16:29:29 on 14 april 2015

Glad you are alive and well! Now, throw that multimeter to the trash can, along with the scissors, before someone kills himself after trusting it.

[gravitar] adam

Submitted at 17:16:20 on 14 april 2015

Just for the record the recommended fool-proof procedure before working on mains is using cheap voltage tester pen that was tested on known live socket first.

[gravitar] Francesco

Submitted at 17:38:10 on 14 april 2015

One big #yolo moment! Glad to hear you are still in one piece (well, in one piece and uncooked)!

[gravitar] Gregor

Submitted at 08:43:01 on 15 april 2015


you are the nominee of the month for the Darwin Award ;-)


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