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Subject - Verb Agreement

14 April 2015 21:50

There's pretty much no way that I can describe the act of cutting a live, 240V mains-voltage, wire in half with a pair of scissors which doesn't make me look like an idiot.

Yet yesterday evening that is exactly what I did.

There were mitigating circumstances, but trying to explain them would make little sense unless you could see the scene.

In conclusion: I'm alive, although I almost wasn't.

My scissors? They have a hole in them.



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icon Hubert at 15:37 on 14 April 2015

I'm glad you're OK.

icon Elessar at 16:29 on 14 April 2015

Glad you are alive and well! Now, throw that multimeter to the trash can, along with the scissors, before someone kills himself after trusting it.

icon adam at 17:16 on 14 April 2015

Just for the record the recommended fool-proof procedure before working on mains is using cheap voltage tester pen that was tested on known live socket first.

icon Francesco at 17:38 on 14 April 2015

One big #yolo moment! Glad to hear you are still in one piece (well, in one piece and uncooked)!

icon Gregor at 08:43 on 15 April 2015


you are the nominee of the month for the Darwin Award ;-)