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At first I was afraid

12 November 2007 21:50


I've just ordered a bluetooth adapter with the intention that my desktop machine will automatically screensaver & lock when I leave my desk.

This looks trivial. As does setting my gaim status automatically.

The challenge is to send a message to my work chatroom, via jabber, when the same thing happens. I think this should be straightfoward via xmpp but we shall see.

I guess run-parts invoked upon /etc/presence/present & /etc/presece/absent or similar.

Guitar Amps

I have a "rare" (read limited edition) Marshall Jubilee Mini-Stack I'm trying to sell.

From 198x.

But I have no idea what the current price should be .. My google-fu is weak this week, or I'd know.

The biggest issue is that I've found listings which just say "Call for price". Or expired Ebay auctions. I guess there can't be too many around so the price should be "high". But at the same time there can't be a huge market for them, so the price should be "low"...

Complicating that is the fact that the buyer would have to be extremely local - as shipping isn't a realistic option. The cab + 2xspeaker combo is >1m high.

Now what are the chances that somebody reading this would know how much one "should" cost..?

ho hum.

Still life is good, and that is the main thing.

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