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Yo lunchbox, hurry it up.

9 September 2008 21:50

Today I received two kittens. They rock.

Somebody else who rocks? Martin F. Krafft.

Martin rocks because of this gem I came across today managing ~/.ssh/known_hosts via git.

The idea is that instead of having a single file known_hosts you have a known_hosts.d/ directory containing multiple entries that are concatenated together.

So neat. So obvious. So nice. Rock award.

ObFilm: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back



I bet you're a real tiger in disguise.

5 July 2009 21:50

I've not been online much for the past week, for two main reasons:

My cat was injured

Usually my cat lives outdoors for just over half the day, but last week he came back with a bad limp and since then he's been an indoor kitty.

He stopped limping so badly pretty much the next day, but has managed to scratch/bite a fair amount of fur from his leg worrying at it.

Still that seems to have stopped and I'm sure he'll be fine. Once the fur has grown back I'll throw him back outside and hope he's more careful in the future!

(No idea whether it was a bad fall, a collision, or a fight with a cat/dog/fox/squirrel that caused it .. no obvious injuries when he was at the vets such as bites, scratches, or things embedded in the limb.)

Geomtery Wars Galaxies

I might be a bit slow, but this nintendo DS game rocks. Hard.

End Communiqué

ObFilm: Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!