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I bet you're a real tiger in disguise.

5 July 2009 21:50

I've not been online much for the past week, for two main reasons:

My cat was injured

Usually my cat lives outdoors for just over half the day, but last week he came back with a bad limp and since then he's been an indoor kitty.

He stopped limping so badly pretty much the next day, but has managed to scratch/bite a fair amount of fur from his leg worrying at it.

Still that seems to have stopped and I'm sure he'll be fine. Once the fur has grown back I'll throw him back outside and hope he's more careful in the future!

(No idea whether it was a bad fall, a collision, or a fight with a cat/dog/fox/squirrel that caused it .. no obvious injuries when he was at the vets such as bites, scratches, or things embedded in the limb.)

Geomtery Wars Galaxies

I might be a bit slow, but this nintendo DS game rocks. Hard.

End Communiqué

ObFilm: Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!



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icon concerned at 18:27 on 5 July 2009

why not take it to a vet and make sure that there is no permanent damage?

icon Steve Kemp at 07:17 on 6 July 2009

He's been to the vets twice already, once just when he came in limping the first time, and once again when he had removed the fur.

Both times the vet didn't really find anything - I'm used to vets being more useful ..

icon Legooolas at 16:54 on 6 July 2009

Hope the kitty is back to their usual self soon _

And if you like the DS Geometry Wars, try the 360 Geometry Wars 2... Having two analogue sticks and a few different and really rather difficult modes makes the game pretty ace.
That and Pac-man Championship have been the two things which have tempted me the most toward getting a 360, but I shall resist :)

icon Steve Kemp at 17:07 on 6 July 2009

Thanks - he's already looking and acting normally with only the bits of missing fur showing the injury.

Right now the only games console I have is a Nintendo DS, and I can't imaging that changing any time soon. But I'll see if I can find a friend with a copy to play sometime, thanks!

icon Joshua Cummings at 10:27 on 7 July 2009

I'd had Geometry Wars for the DS for atleast a year before I bought a 360 and a good LCD TV, along with 'Retro 2 Evolved' or whatever it's called. Awesome game. I just wish they'd release more levels/modes etc.

Sort of made me appreciate the DS version more. I find it way easier with the Xbox controller though.