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Do you remember a time when fear

Saturday, 14 July 2007

I can successfully boot Fedora Core 6 & 7 - to the extent that RPM and Yum both work.

This takes in the order of 70Mb and around 2 minutes - assuming the caching mechanism works.

Now I need :

  1. A cute name.
  2. To abstract the common parts of the code somehow.
  3. To get started on SuSE + CentOS.

Today: Hacking. Tomorrow: Security work.

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And behold, a pale horse, and he who sat on it, his name was Deat

Friday, 13 July 2007

I've made some progress on the bootstrapping idea :)

As a proof of concept I wrote a simple script which will download *all* the required RPM files for an installation of Fedora-Core 6. (i386)

This downloads 348 .rpm files, which is about 700Mb. (I'm downloading way more files than I need, because I'm not using dependency-discovery yet....)

However the proof of concept works. I can successfully chroot inside the unpackaged directory tree - so I think it is sufficient to persuade me that I can dynamically determine which RPM files need to be installed. This avoiding the problem which rpmstrap suffers from. (ie. having a static list of specific RPM version to fetch.)

If you'd like to test my script, hardwired as it is, (did I mention ugly?), then feel free. In terms of requirements you'll need:

  • wget
  • rpm
  • alien

Note: I'd expect this script to take in the order of 30-40 minutes to run. It is pretty noisy though, so you'll know it hasn't died!

The script will live here for a day or two:

  • http://steve.org.uk/Software/tmp/fc6

PS. Don't run this as root. Please.

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