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Let me show you the way.

26 August 2008 21:50

So I got bored tonight and figured I'd write a game...

I'm genuinely not sure whether I've seen this concept before, or came up with it myself. I suspect the former. I know that I sat down with the intention of coding this game and knew how it would play and what the mechanics would be.

Having said that though I cannot think of a similar game I've played - though parts are obviously derivitive.

Anyway the aim of the game:

  • A (single currently) ball bounces around the screen.
  • You draw lines upon the screen, using the mouse, to influence the movement of the ball.
  • The level (game) is over when the ball lands in the "exit box".

Thus far the game exists only in the skelital form with the minimum required functionality. There are two modes currently: "easy" & "hard". The hard mode was primarily added to prove to myself that the "leveling" system could work in a fun way.

Feedback welcome. Especially if it can tell me where I'm going wrong with the collision detection - but even if it is to critique my hacked-up SDL coding.

(The only other SDL coding I've done was in C, and was the mousetrap game.)

Obviously the game is written in perl, and I admit nasty perl at that. To play it you'll only need:

apt-get install libsdl-perl


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He could eat the whole colony

27 August 2008 21:50

I've updated my simple Simple SDL based perl game, so that:

  • It has a name.
  • It has an intro screen which uses that name!
  • It has multiple balls.
  • It gets harder, ie. more balls are added.
  • The collision detection is much improved.

I still need to work on the rebound-angle but otherwise it is as complete as it will probably ever become. It would also be nice if the balls could collide with each other, and be different colours..

Regardless it was a fun diversion for a few hours, and probably tells me that I shouldn't attempt to waste more time doing gamy things, and that maths is too hard for me these days.

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