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Didn't I kill you already?

16 August 2008 21:50

One of the sites that I no longer use, but have fond memories of is dotfiles.com.

It had some pretty coarse catagories and allowed you to view other peoples configuration files. (I have no idea how the upload worked. Probably email submission I'd guess.)

I know that my my own dotfiles have benefited from seeing other peoples snippets.

Sadly it seems that the last upload to their site was back in 2006.

With all the Web2.0 lust around it would seem to be a perfect candidate for reinvention.

We need:

  • The ability to create/delete an account.
  • The ability to upload a file (<100k say)
  • The ability to tag all files with multiple arbitrary labels.
  • Possibly the ability to comment / rate / vote on submissions.
  • The ability to flag uploads as being "spam"

Somebody competant could probably knock up a reasonable hack in a day or two. I guess we have some sites out there already like DZone snippets, snipplr, & swik, but none of those are exactly the same thing.

Consider it my challenge to the world - just don't tempt me. I've got enough to do as it is.

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