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I've got a trigger inside

5 January 2007 21:50

I'm trying to learn ruby, but having no inspiration of what to write with it.

My girl suggested I post "Will code for films" and see what people would pay to have written .. I expect very little. Still who knows?

I'm suffering connectivity issues again, which are making me actual freetime difficult to spend. Grr.

To follow the meme: Five random facts:

  • I believe that garlic can be used to enhance all food. Even ice-cream.
  • My first scar was given to me by my sister, when I was approximately six weeks old. Families, eh?
  • I have lived in the same flat for 2.5 years, and in all that time have never opened the bedroom curtains/blinds.
  • I have twelve bottles of Single Malt in front of me. Current favourite? A balvenie.
  • I rarely dress before noon.

And for bonus points: "My girl" refers either to my sister, or my girlfriend. Context usually makes this obvious if it matters…

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