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Will you lead me to your armchair

11 May 2007 21:50

Assume I'm using mutt for my mailclient and that I have all my mail stored beneath ~/Maildir.

Is there a simple way of limiting an index to only those folders containing New messages?

I know that I can use the index_format to display something like "N" next to folders containing new messages - but I cannot seem to limit the display to just those ones.

(At any given time I'll have something like 30+ mailboxes with unread messages, if not more.)

My current mutt looks something like this, which shows that I have 24 folders with unread messages - but it doesnt make it easy to tell which they are:

269       4096 May 11 22:49   ~/Maildir/.spam/
270       4096 May 11 23:36   ~/Maildir/.spam.bayes/
271       4096 May 11 22:49 N ~/Maildir/.spam.image/
272       4096 May 11 22:49   ~/Maildir/.spam.pyzor/
273       4096 May 11 22:49   ~/Maildir/.spam.razor/
274       4096 May 11 22:49   ~/Maildir/.spam.request/
275       4096 May 11 23:27   ~/Maildir/.spam.unsure/
276       4096 May 11 22:54   ~/Maildir/.steve_org_uk/
277       4096 May 11 22:49   ~/Maildir/.syswear_com/
-- Mutt: Mailboxes [24]

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Fed through the tube that sticks in me

12 May 2007 21:50

Thanks to everybody who told me that there wasn't a simple way to persuade Mutt to work with mailboxes containing unread messages.

I've now discovered the mutt-ng project, packaged in Debian's experimental branch. This contains the infamous mutt sidebar patch which caters to my needs fully:

  • I can toggle the display of the sidebar by pressing "b".
  • From there I can jump to the name of the next/previous mailbox with unread mail.
  • Once on a mailbox name I can open it easily.

Job done.

Expect a more involved writeup shortly ..

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