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Thanks for the flashback

20 March 2008 21:50

Well this has been a busy week, and no mistake.

Still I've advocated a new individual who wishes to become a Debian Developer. I guess now I get to watch second-hand to see how long the process takes!

(I messed up though; the first sponsored upload for her has the wrong mail address. It'll get REJECTed, and then we'll try again. D'oh.)

In more optimistic news this weekend I'm going to attempt to finish painting my front room. The painting of this room was started n the 3rd of February. So we're coming close to two months. A new record!

Also this weekend I must write some letters ...

Tonight will involve some Balvenie and a copy of The Godfather (part 1).

ObQuote: Eight Legged Freaks.

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