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Do I look like your travel agent?

1 November 2009 21:50

This entry is primarily composed of "random".

Palm Pre

Several people have persuaded me that I need to change my phone. I've elected to purchase a Palm Pre. Rooting them, and installing Debian is trivial, though I think its missing an openssh client - so I can read my mail in mutt via the device.

(I've seen mentions of the "scary black window" as a terminal; it isn't obvious how well that works.)

I went shopping yesterday to purchase one, but because my mobile phone contract doesn't end for another 9 days I'd have to pay an extra fee. Instead I'm going to wait 9 days and get it for free.

Getting Bigger

Having randomly remembered the idea that people shrink over the course of a day due to gravity affecting the spine I decided to test this.

For a few days in a row I measured my height before going to bed, and then again in the morning. It certainly appears to be true, average difference in height is about 9mm for me.

SEO - Is it hard?
I was involved with the setup of a new site last weekend. Today it is top-5 when searched for by two pretty broad keywords in google.

This does not seem unusual for me - though I appreciate there is a difference between "site being popular/succeeding" and "site being findable".

(I remember once attending an interview for a hotel portal site. The interview wasn't that interesting, but I remember they perked up a lot when I said "Search google for Steve Kemp - I come top".)

ObFilm: Mortal Kombat



You're not even trying

11 November 2009 21:50

I've spent the past 24 hours playing with my new phone, and so far have enjoyed it.

I've put together very very rough documentation on what I've done so far which is just:

  • Installing a terminal.
  • Installing an ssh client.
  • Uploading wallpaper, ring tones, and similar.

So far I've not had any major problems, and my biggest issue is the lack of TAB, arrows, and ctrl keys on the keyboard.

I've put together a local packages for the novacom/precom USB connection utility, and will share if there's any interest. Happily it "just works" and was trivial to compile so theres probably not really any point in uploading as such.

ObFilm: Dark Angel (TV Series)

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