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Big change. Sometimes good. Sometimes bad.

20 October 2009 21:50

Over the weekend I bit the bullet and purchased a new camera, a Canon EOS 1000d (many page revie).

I've taken a few hundred shots with it so far, trying to get a feel for what it can do, and what I can do now that I couldn't before </Lady Teldra>.

As my first DSLR its a pretty significant upgrade and I'm enjoying it a lot - especially since I've managed to persuade a few local people to pose for me.

Now is the time to wonder how to store, share, and organise the pictures I've taken and will be taking in the future. Currently all my pictures are beneath ~/Images, replicated across a number of machines for redundancy. As a sample I have:

skx@gold:~$ ls /home/skx/Images/
Computer  Flat  Misc  Parties  People  Pets & Animals  Travel

Beneath these top-level directories I have more directories for specific items, such as ~/Images/Travel/2009/York, or ~/Images/People/kelly.

I think that I should probably be looking at using some image-manager application to allow me to tag, date, and export images more easily though.

Right now I'm not really sharing anything except a few sample shots:

Those are quite nice shots, but I suspect sooner or later I will have pictures I do wish to share properly. So I need to come up with an URL scheme, or a library tool which will export specific shots and keep the rest of my archive private by default.

Any suggestions are welcome ..

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