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A few forks.

13 March 2011 21:50

Although I promised in my previous entry that I'd made my last mention of the redisfs - replication friendly redis-based filesystem I have to disappoint.

Ben Sykes informed me that he'd made a fork of redisfs, called shredisfs. I like forks. Forks are good, and this particular one was very welcome - from the README:

Steve's original managed around 250k per second for writes on my test machine, this version does about 15MB a second writes.


Read speed on the test machine here now is around 180MB/sec..

Needless to say I "stole" the improvements and rolled them into my original release. Thanks all round to those of you that submitted bug reports, suggestions, and codez.

I also had a release out briefly which used zLib to compress the values of keys stored in memory. Unfortunately that lead to a net-slowdown for files which were bigger than a single block - due to the overhead of file-system appends which translated to: "fetch", "compress", "append", and "decompress".

Finally on the subject of qpsmtpd, my favourite SMTP-server - the exceptionally talented Matt Sergeant released a proof of concept rewrite in Javascript. Using nodejs this new SMTP server is heavily asynchronous and you can find it online under the name Haraka.

Although my javascript-fu is weak I'm very impressed by the codebase out there so far, and I'd expect good things of it in the future. Even if it does use Javascript and not my beloved Perl.

Finally I'm a year older. But birthdays aren't important.

ObQuote: "Do you wanna know what makes all my candy taste so special? " - Epic Movie.

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