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Lets go dancing on the backs of the bruised

26 December 2006 21:50

My Christmas day was primarily spent at home watching Red Dwarf.

Apart from that I made new releases of xen-shell and xen-tools.

I was suprised to recieve a sudden flurry of bug reports. No less than ten bugs reported by two users in one day! Still I fixed most of them and made a new release.

It was nice to notice Isaac Clerencia writing about using xen-tools for automated testing. The idea has occurred to me before: Create a fresh Xen installation of Debian then run a test suite and trash the system afterwards. I even setup a test Yawns builder for a while.

Are people finding interesting users for xen-tools? I'd love to have some use-cases, and more user-feedback is always appreciated. Feel free to get in touch or comment here.

Personally I use a few Xen guests on my home LAN and I regularly create new Sarge images for building backported Xen packages. Only recently did I move my home cfengine setup onto a domU.

In other news I recently received a copy of Programming Ruby from my Amazon wishlist, I'm learning a lot about Ruby and I think I'm in love. The only downside is the mental confusion I experience when I see "@variable" and "$variable" used. I am too wedded to Perl to stop thinking "array" and "string" respectively.

I should find a toy project to write in Ruby to get used to it. Right now nothing occurs, but I'm sure it is just a matter of time.

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